*From Sara Pedersen's book, Learn to Organize.

How does it work?

An Overview of the Organizing Process*:

1.  Assess & Plan

We will meet together during the Initial Consultation to talk about what your needs and challenges are, determine the big picture plan and break it down into logical steps.  At this time I will be able to estimate how much time the project might take to complete.

2.  Empty, Quick-Toss, & Sort

Here is where we start getting our hands dirty.  We designate a sorting area, determine sorting categories according to your priorities, and begin emptying the area to be organized.  We toss any obviously unusable items and trash as we go along.

3.  Declutter

Once the area is empty and items are sorted into general categories, we will go through the items and make final decisions about which items are staying and which are going.

4.  Declare a Home

This is where we will decide the best location for each category of items you are keeping, where furniture should be placed, what items should go in a different location/room, and what containers we will need.

5.  Contain & Label

During this step, we put all of the items that are staying into their new home, into containers if necessary, and label.

6.  Clean Up and Maintain

At this point, the area is done, and we will need to finish by taking out any trash, load donation items into a vehicle, and redistribute any items that go into a different location.  We will further discuss how to keep the newly organized area that way.







& Answers

Q.:  What if I know I need help organizing, but I don't know what or where to begin?

A.:  That's perfectly okay!  We will meet together first to take a look at your spaces, talk about your frustrations, priorities, and goals.  This will help us come up with a place to start and a goal to meet.

Q.:  Are you ever surprised by other people's disorganization?

A.:  When I see a disorganized space, I only feel excited at the prospect of sorting it out and helping another person to build organizing skills.  I don't look at a space with judgement!

Q.:  Is your home always clean and organized?

A.:  Absolutely not!  More often than others, I do go through my own spaces to figure out better ways of organizing them.  However, I'm human, so I have to work to keep up with cleaning and picking up just like everyone else.  Though I love organizing, I also have a life outside of it.

Q.:  Should I buy containers before you arrive?

A.:  No.  "Containerizing" is not done until Step 5 in the organizing process, and we cannot determine which or how many containers we will need until we carry out Steps 1-4.  We will try to use containers you may already have, I can shop for containers for you, or we can shop and choose containers together.

Q.:  Do you work alone, or do I, as the client, work along with you?

A.:  Ideally, we will work together to complete a project.  You are the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to what is kept, what it tossed, the design of the area, etc.   The area has to work well for you.  Working together will also make the process go much faster, and will increase the likelihood that the area will meet your needs.  

Q.:  Do you give "homework"?

A.:  Yes!  Doing tasks on your own in between our organizing sessions will save you money and move the project along more quickly.